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Painting throughout history was used to express the soul of the human condition and to contextualize the events of the current moment. Now with the abundance of art and media around us, we can use art and painting to take ourselves away from the stressors of life and find peace within ourselves using art as an outlet. Our goal is to show you that painting is fun and easy, that it doesn’t require years of practice to create something you can be proud of. Every painting starts when you Make A Mark. 




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Enrique Cabrera

Enrique has been an artist since 5 years old. Beyond that he has strived to pickup and learn every type of art medium that he felt was interesting. From pencil to painting, and sculpture to tattoos, he’s made it point to learn how to do it and also how to teach it to others. Along with his history in a plethora of other jobs he knows the satisfaction of clients and customers is the number one priority.